private sessions

I have worked both by phone and in person for many years, although currently all sessions are by phone only.

Schedule through my Contact page or my email if you have it. I look forward to connecting with you.


intuitive counseling

You may bring anything that is on your mind to a session. Any question, or many questions. Let me know what you’d like from your session, along with any concerns, so we are sure to get to them. You’re free to ask questions or bring something up as things arise during our time together.

Whatever might be happening in your life, I will help you gain insight and awareness, help you unravel the mystery, support you, shed some new light and perspective on things.

During your appointment I use a variety of tools: clairvoyance and clairaudience, your astrology chart, tarot, angel guidance, and imagery and symbolism that may arise.

You are a unique soul and carry your own inner truth and wisdom. I will tend to see you through a soul lens, and seek the higher vision for your situation. If there are blockages, we can locate their source and resolve them.

If you want to gain clarity and understand yourself and life, find peace, or grow personally and spiritually, I can help you do that.

spirit communication

Thirty years ago when two of my closest friends died, I became aware of my ability to contact those who have left the earth plane. When requested, I provide spirit communication between those who have moved on from this world to those who are still living. This communication can help ease remaining questions in your mind about the death, and help you be at greater peace around the loss.



energy healing 

I see, interpret, transform, balance, and release energies at a distance. Letting go of energies that don’t belong to you or are no longer serving you is transformational and provides a great sense of relief. Difficult emotions can be alleviated. Sometimes there are cords connected to others such as past lovers or people with whom you've had intense encounters. These can be released so you are no longer interfered with by energies that don’t belong to you, and instead you can live your natural soul essence.


A normal session is not an astrology reading, but here is Why I Use Your Birth Chart in Your Session. In addition, you are welcome to request a specific reading from the following:

Solar Return: this reading is done yearly at your birthday. It provides a meaningful look into your year ahead and lets you know the general trend of your upcoming year. If you’ve ever tried to push a boulder uphill (I have) you will understand the beauty of going with the flow of life, rather than against it. A solar return helps you do this.

Synastry: this reading blends two people’s birth charts. It helps you understand the natural dynamic between you and another person. When you know what naturally comes with ease and what comes with challenge, it’s easier to allow the relationship to be what it is without unworkable expectations. A synastry chart also helps parents with a new baby or children, offering insights about temperament and the gifts you have come to give one another.

Current Transits: this reading covers the here and now. What's happening, what’s coming up, and the meaning of the current time period in your life. For fun, for knowledge, for the curious at heart.




I'm not a medical doctor and do not treat medical conditions, nor is my work covered under any insurance policy.