private sessions


intuitive counseling

Should I stay? Should I go? How does this choice compare with that choice? How can I best move into the next phase of my life? How can I best handle this situation? Can you help me work with, live with, or love this person better? How can I better manage this situation? Do you know why I can't get along with my daughter/mother/partner/boss? Why am I so tired/sad/depressed? These are questions you might have, and I can help you gain awareness through them.

I see energy and share what I see with you. These are not intended to be predictions or psychic readings, which I believe are disempowering. I share with you the energy I see, which has a different intent. We discuss your options and the most powerful path for you, then you take responsibility for your choices going forward. You remain in the driver's seat of your own life, empowered by insight.

If you want to gain clarity and understand yourself and life, find peace, heal, or grow personally and spiritually, I can help you do that.

soulful guidance

Your soul essence is unique and brought forth its own wisdom. I view you through a spiritual lens but don't promote or subscribe to a religious or spiritual belief system that I think you should also believe in. There are many paths up the mountain and I support whichever one you choose.




energy healing 

Releasing energies that aren't yours is transformational and provides a great sense of relief. Stagnation in your energy field can be cleared for healing on multiple levels. Sometimes there are cords connected to others, past lovers or people with whom you've had intense encounters. These can be released so you can move forward with greater ease and freedom.


I use your astrological birth chart in your appointment. Our session is not an astrology reading, but I use your chart because its patterns and structure provide clarity and insight on a deeper level, which I share with you.

You can separately request one of the following readings for greater insight:

Your Solar Return, done yearly around your birthday, provides a meaningful look into your year ahead.

Synastry blends two charts, revealing the challenges, purpose, and gifts of a relationship. Synastry charts can also help parents with a new baby or children by offering insights about the child's temperament and the gifts you have come to give one another.

Current Transits reveal the here and now. What's coming, how long does it last, and what is the purpose? Tremendous relief can occur with this understanding.




I'm not a medical doctor and do not treat medical conditions, nor is my work covered under any insurance policy.