private sessions & astrology readings


intuitive counseling

As a psychic empath, I sense and feel what is going on, whether emotionally, personally, or otherwise. It is natural for me to feel what you're feeling, and to sense the underlying causes of our human predicaments. My intuition is indispensable in my work, and something I've relied on quite heavily. It will help you find clarity, balance, insight, and greater peace in life. 

The ability to perceive things beyond ordinary perception comes naturally and I use it liberally in our session. The way I use clairvoyance (and clairaudience) is not like a typical psychic because my intention is guidance, healing, and support. It's not my interest to predict the future. For example, I see energy and then offer choices based on what I see. You then take responsibility for your own decisions going forward, based on the information, if you choose to use it. 

Should I stay? Should I go? How does this choice compare with that choice? How can I best move into the next phase of my life? How can I best handle this situation? Can you help me work with, live with, or love this person better? How can I better manage this situation? These are some of the types of questions you might have, and I help you grow and gain clarity through them.

If you want to make wise choices, gain clarity and understanding about yourself and life, move beyond being stuck, find peace with people or companion animals who have left your life or crossed over, if you want to grow personally or spiritually, I can help you do that.

soulful guidance

I see you as a soul, first and foremost, which has brought forth its own wisdom and light. And because I view life from this perspective of the soul, the basic question in my mind is, "What might your soul be asking for in this moment?"

Working with all views and beliefs and within your own level of comfort, I support you to become more clear and confident in any area, whether it be a physical or emotional imbalance, work-related concern, spiritual crisis, relationship issue, decision-making, spiritual growth, or simply deepening your self-awareness and expanding consciousness. I’ve helped countless people become physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually harmonious while illuminating the path of their own truth.



spiritual healing

One of the most satisfying parts of my work is to help you connect in a deeper and more meaningful way to your soul essence. It is nearly impossible for me to connect with someone and not sense the places that are out of balance, ignored, hidden, or locked in any sort of pretense. When we begin our phone session, I will scan your energy field and help it come into a state of balance. This is done simultaneously as we discuss what is on your mind. With a view of life as a quest for holistic integration of our body, mind, and emotions intertwined seamlessly with spirit, one goal of spiritual healing is to help you evolve and expand into greater love and trust, while feeling more whole and comfortable being your true self.

In helping you along this path, I support you in any spiritual or religious path you happen to be on, even if it is none at all. I do not promote or subscribe to a particular religious or spiritual belief system that I think you should also believe in. My approach is to help you on the path that is right for you, the one you have chosen, and I support it whether or not it is also mine. 


I use your astrological birth chart during your appointment. Our session is not considered an astrology reading, but I do use the chart throughout. It's patterns and structure provide a gateway for me to gain clarity and insight on a deeper level, which I then share with you. Seeing your astrology chart allows me to know more about your basic personality, emotional tendencies, spiritual inclination, relationships, timing of circumstances, and other relevant information which is used to help you step forward on your life path in a positive, life-affirming, soul-supportive way.

You are encouraged to request a specific astrological reading, any of which will bring you greater wisdom and insight: Solar Return, Synastry, Current Transits, or a deeper interpretation of your natal chart. Having your Solar Return done yearly at your birthday provides a meaningful look into your year ahead. Synastry blends two charts, revealing much about a relationship. I also help parents with a new baby or their growing children by offering insights about the child's temperament and the gifts you have come to give one another. Current transits are the here and now of life: what is the current trend of your life and how to work with it. How long will a particular circumstance last? An astrological reading goes far beyond the popular "horoscopes" with which most are familiar. If you feel drawn, I highly recommend having one. 




I'm not a medical doctor and do not treat medical conditions, nor is my work covered under any insurance policy.