about that moon... how your natal moon reveals your deepest needs


Last week I was at my desk when my phone rang. My phone rang? That’s weird. I almost always have my ringer off. With the work I do, it is best for me to foster a space of quiet, but on this day it happened. Ringer on. Phone ringing. I did the unthinkable. I actually answered it. (Don’t worry, you’re free to call me and leave a message. I’ll call you back. But as a psychically sensitive empathic somewhat-reclusive-introvert, I do prefer nice, quiet email messages…)

On the other side of that call was an old acquaintance asking me if I’d like to teach a class on astrology at the Sunset Center in Carmel. No wonder my ringer happened to be on in that moment! There might not be another topic I’d rather teach about than how astrology can benefit you.

The focus of this talk will be about the moon. More specifically, how the moon in your personal natal chart can give you great insight and understanding about yourself and about the people in your life. On the day you were born, the moon was in a specific sign. You know your Sun sign: Libra, Pisces, etc. But do you know your moon sign? It is just as important and relevant, and maybe even more so depending on its placement in your chart.

I look forward to sharing more about your moon and its richness in your life. How it reveals your deepest needs. What helps you feel emotionally well, stable, secure. If you miss the talk, you’re welcome to schedule a personal reading about your own chart. (Just go to my Contact page and send me a message.)

Let’s all begin to find understanding, not only of ourselves, but of our loved ones, so we can move more pointedly in the direction of love rather than remaining stuck in misunderstandings. I’ll see you soon.