Why I Use Your Birth Chart in Your Session

The natal birth chart of Mohandas Gandhi, with equal houses and a few asteroids added

The natal birth chart of Mohandas Gandhi, with equal houses and a few asteroids added

Before you and I begin our session together, I will have already taken a look at your birth chart based on your birthdate, exact time of birth, and location. The image above is what a birth chart looks like. The symbols appear differently in each person’s unique chart. To read it, one has to learn the language first, which begins by understanding the symbols. I add some asteroids to my charts, which can make the chart appear busier than if it only showed the basic planets. I include the asteroids because they bring in feminine energy. This is becoming more relevant, even in a man’s chart.

The arrangement of energies at the moment you were born is fascinating to me because when I look at your chart, then begin speaking with you, hearing about your life, and what you are currently experiencing, the chart comes alive. It is a living entity, a portal rife with possibility and insight.

You are the only person in the world with your exact birth chart configuration. The energies in your configuration belong to you and you alone. Meaning is found there. Purpose can be found there. Guidance. Messages. The path to awakening is there. There is information about your particular life that can make the living of it more meaningful and purposeful.

The birth chart is a tool to help me see you through the lens of the soul. I listen to what you express about your life and experiences, your current situation and circumstances, while making space for the soul.

The soul journey is important. It is uniquely yours. Perhaps there are karmic patterns that ask to be unraveled, paid attention to, processed, or healed. Maybe there is something you came to share. Or not share. To experience. Or not experience. To witness, teach, learn, evolve into. This is discovered through soul exploration. Your birth chart is our compass, along with my ability as a seer and counselor.

As we make our way through life, we sometimes find ourselves trapped in discomfort: emotional, mental, physical, spiritual… or simply existential angst. The birth chart offers a road map on how to get out of the trap. Through my nearly 30 years of looking deeply into birth charts, I’ve seen that in the most challenging of times there is a glimmer of hope. Something begs for our attention, usually insisting we grow and evolve, but there is light, and hope.

When we avoid our soul’s messages, our discontent increases until we finally do something. Many people choose to cover it all up and numb it, but this keeps life thin and dulls the senses. I’m interested in fostering an environment whereby meaning can emerge, so your life’s circumstances, your relationships, your desire to make changes can make sense and bring you a sense of aliveness.

It’s a beautiful thing, although not always easy, to be in touch with your soul, strive to be awake instead of numb, and seek meaning in life. Your birth chart opens the door to access deeper meaning and understanding.