I Said Goodbye to My Holistic Woman Blog

 image credit: Arnel Hasanovic/unsplash

image credit: Arnel Hasanovic/unsplash

For many years I had a holistic healing blog, then a second blog called Holistic Woman. A couple of years ago I stopped posting on Holistic Woman. Recently, I took the blog down. 

Writers and bloggers rarely know the extent of their reach. Ideally I want my writing to be read by people who can benefit from it, and they typically are not the type who leave comments. They silently come and silently go again. Some readers did comment in encouraging ways, and many contacted me, but I also had endless strange comments. People left links to unrelated items for sale. There was a lot of spam in general. After a few years of it, I wondered whether my efforts in keeping the blog going were worthwhile.

So one day it came to me, "I'm finished. After 20 years of writing about holistic healing and natural health, several years of which were dedicated to blogging, I'm weary of it." That was the gist of it, anyway. So I closed the final chapter on Holistic Woman, which had many, many posts on it from years of dedication and research.

Naturally... you know what happened next? I started hearing from people. Where is Holistic Woman? Unfortunately, it's gone. I deleted it without being fully aware of the extent of its reach.

Meanwhile, thanks for asking, and keep on being curious about natural ways to improve your health and your life!