The Holistic Approach to Breast Cancer

I wrote The Holistic Approach to Breast Cancer: Every Woman's Guide to Health, Vitality, & Wellbeing because I had loads of information about how to heal that wasn't readily available. Published in 2013, it still sells monthly. I believe there will continue to be a need for this information as cancer rates rise in coming years.

This book is a necessary part of any woman's library, for any woman that wants to heal her body, mind, and spirit to either prevent an occurrence of breast cancer or to heal once a diagnosis comes. It is a true holistic approach: integrating the physical with the emotional, mental, spiritual, and subtle energies. 

Healing doesn't always mean this physical life continues into old age. A healing of emotional pain, old attitudes, karmic obligations, difficult mental states, the soul... these occur behind the scenes. They are equally important. It is important that we step forward, with intention, and proceed with healing for the onward and upward journey of the soul. 

More people are seeking out how to heal themselves, for good reason. We must take responsibility for our health and wellness. Why give all of our power over to the white-coated gods of conventional medicine? Yes, they have their place, and it's an important one. I'll be the first one to turn myself over to them in an emergency. 

But to this day, billions of dollars of funding and 60 years of research have not led to a "cure" for breast cancer. I suspect there will be no cure found (or revealed) because detection and treatment is big money-making business. I don't contribute one penny to race for the cure, walk for the cure, pink baseball caps for the cure, and I don't wear pink ribbons. 

Why wouldn't I give all I can for the cure-that-never-comes? Check out Breast Cancer Action to learn more about the conflicts of interest in the world of breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. If you want to give, donate to their cause, as well as any local organization that helps women pay their bills and feed their children while going through treatment. For further information about pink washing, see this New York Times article.

I have digressed from my intention, which is to tell you about my book, The Holistic Approach to Breast Cancer. The integrative possibilities to help women heal are vast and becoming widely known. It's heartening and encouraging to witness. If we are to prevent cancer and/or heal from it, we need to also help ourselves. Yes, we can choose to rely on what is available to us through modern medicine, but let us also utilize the wealth of possibilities known as complementary and alternative medicine.

I encourage you to have a look. Tell your sisters, friends, mothers, and daughters. There are many paths up the mountain. Attention on our own needs for deep healing is one of my favorites.