How to Remove Stagnant Energy Out of Your Home or Office

image by Ricky Turner/unsplash

image by Ricky Turner/unsplash

I've been to homes (and offices) to detect whether the location has dense, heavy, and unclean energy. I don't travel for this anymore, but with a little awareness, you also can feel the energy of a space, and you can balance it. 

Arguments, bad moods, negative thoughts, illness, drugs, death, and anything similar carries heaviness that sticks in places. It clings to walls, furniture, and palpably hangs in the air. If you don't feel well, if money doesn't flow, relationships aren't fulfilling, of if you're generally down on your luck, clearing the dark and heavy from your home and office can help things go better for you.

Some heavy vibes might have been there before you moved in. If the place is dark or if windows are kept closed, the environment becomes ideal to harbor stagnant energy. Sometimes the land itself is not conducive to build on.

I became more aware of this when a friend asked me to come to a house she had just bought because there was a bedroom she couldn't enter. It turned out that the entire house was spooky and the bedroom in question had dark energy. I didn't want to go in either.  

This was 25 years ago. I had not yet been fully initiated into the ways of dark energies, and the house was a little creepy, so I suggested we find a proper Native Indian Medicine Man to come clear it for us. I had no idea how we were going to find this proper Medicine Man, but something told me to "go to Lake Arrowhead." We took the drive up the mountain, and It was as if he was sitting there waiting for us, because we found him right away in a shop in town.

When I told our Medicine Man I wanted him to come to the house, he shook his head and said, "You will do it." He explained exactly what to do. Since then, I have cleared my homes and other people's homes and offices using his very simple techniques. It has always worked.

Clearing a space will reset the energy and clear the way for your life to flow better. If you didn't do it when you moved into your home, it's a good idea to do it now. Just as you would clean dirty floors before moving in, it's important to clear the space itself. 

In Feng Shui, it's advisable to know the history of a home and its inhabitants before deciding on making it your own. If someone was ill, financially unsound, or if their relationships were poor, it’s not ideal to step into that energy because the same theme can start operating in your life.

Since we can't always know about the previous tenants, especially emotional issues, abuse, trauma, and things people generally keep private, clear any home or building whether you know about the previous tenants or not. Once you're living or working there, remain aware of the vibration in the space. Notice when it gets heavy or stagnant. Notice if the air feels stuck. This is the time to clear it. If you keep windows closed, or if the place is dark, your space will need extra attention. 

Here are 9 quick, easy, and effective ways to clear the energy of your home:

1. Bring in as much natural light as possible. 

2. Put sea salt in all the corners of each room. Leave it there for 24 hours, then vacuum it up. 

3. Clean thoroughly using non-toxic cleaning supplies. Wipe down walls, shelves, and cabinets. Shampoo carpets and floors. Get rid of anything you don't enjoy looking at.

4. Encourage fresh air to circulate through every room. 

5. Light a white, clean-burning candle and put it in the middle of the space. Place it safely away from pets and children. Let it burn while you continue to clear.

6. Use white sage, sometimes called a smudge stick or sage wand, to clear the place of unwanted energies. Open windows. If you are clearing for the first time, open doors, windows, cabinets, drawers, and closets. Light the tip of the sage bundle with a match and extinguish the flame so the wand lightly smokes. (I light it over the kitchen sink.) Walk counterclockwise around the space with the smoldering sage, getting the smoke into every nook and cranny. 

7. Our Lake Arrowhead Medicine Man told me when plain sage is used to clear a space, it creates a void. It clears everything. It is desirable to bring in light and a higher vibration while you clear with sage so that low vibes don't come back in. Do this with your intention. You can also use sage that is wrapped with rosemary, lavender, or another herb to assist you in bringing in the higher vibration. I will sometimes burn sandalwood or another incense simultaneously, but mostly I simply call in the vibration I want . 

8. Tune in and feel. Is the area lightening up? Is dense energy being released? Do you need to go round again? I usually go around three times if a place hasn't been cleared before, sensing the energy along the way. In my experience, the sage stops burning when it goes into an area of very dense energy. I can see where in the space the energy is thickest by how the sage wand responds. I go around the space until the sage remains strong the entire time, completing with one clockwise stroll around the space. Sensing when energy is clear might not be easy at first, but after awhile you'll be able to know it. 

9. During and after the sage process, you can use sound: Tibetan bells, chanting, singing, or music that lifts your spirit and draws in a higher vibration. I call in light simultaneously while I'm clearing, so that the space previously occupied by heaviness will be filled with light immediately. Bring in living plants, fresh flowers, and crystals to raise the energy. Repeat when needed, or as soon as you get the sense that your place needs a lift.