10 Basic Things You Can Do in Stressful Times


Many people are experiencing extreme inner evolution. For almost everyone, this involves some sort of letting go. This might be of people, places, things, old habits, beliefs, and what we formerly believed were our safety nets (which is the letting go of illusion, perhaps the most difficult to release of all). 

In whatever way your personal letting go occurs, treat yourself with compassion. Remain aware of your connection to your body and the earth. Keep things simple. Stay connected to yourself. Remain present.

Here are 10 basic things you can do:

  1. Eat well. Avoid sugar and eat whole foods as much as possible.

  2. Sleep. Take the time to calm your spirit before bed so you can fall into a deeper sleep and remain asleep.

  3. Move your body: take time to exercise and stretch.

  4. Go out in nature.

  5. Listen: to the wind, rain, birds, silence, or to calming music.

  6. Avoid filling every moment. Practice non-doing.

  7. Read something light, watch comedy, observe animals, be with people who see the funny side of life.

  8. Unplug. Turn everything off for a while.

  9. Breathe in and breathe out fully.

  10. Periodically in the evening, take a bath with a cup or two of epsom salts in it. Soak for 20 minutes and then drink a big glass of water to rehydrate. This will relax your muscles, release toxins, and help clear your energy field.