How Can I Feel Better? Less Stress, More Peaceful?


People now, more than I've seen before, want a truer, less complicated, more self-possessed and WISE version of themselves to come forth. The heat has been turned up and many are experiencing extreme personal inner evolution, which almost demands a deep letting go of all that is unnecessary or burdensome. 

I often work with people who are in a let-go-or-be-dragged phase. By the time they get to me, they have been dragged for a while, bloody, bruised, disappointed, and stressed... all that comes with resisting the letting go that insists on happening. This hanging on to what needed to go already can be very stressful. The letting go itself is stressful because it usually triggers fear. But this is the quandary that comes with the "luxury of no choice." Suffer if you cling. Suffer if you let go.

For almost everyone, a path to awakening and higher consciousness will involve letting go, whether it be of people, places, things, old habits, beliefs, and what we formerly believed were our safety nets (which is the letting go of illusion, perhaps the most difficult to release of all). 

In whatever way your personal letting go occurs, always treat yourself with compassion. Self love and care must come first during times of intense personal change. Remain aware of your connection to your body and to the earth. Pay attention to the air you are breathing, the seat you're sitting in. Calm yourself down by keeping it simple. Every person I've worked with who is experiencing change and the stress that goes with it is, on some level, disconnected from their body and emotions, to nature, the natural rhythm of the earth and sky, and their own soul energy.

I, too, have had periods of stress that involved extreme disconnect while I tried to work through things. I've learned that to navigate these times powerfully and successfully, in a way that is balanced and peaceful, I must pay attention to my body, mind, emotions, and spirit, simultaneously. I must remain present. Did you notice the image of the Angel of Presence at the top of this post?  She reminds us to be conscious of the times when we are living outside of our bodies and to come back in, and be Present.

So how is this done?

Ten tried and true basics work very well. I do have an arsenal of alternatives more complex than these, if you're interested and feel the need for more, but if you integrate these into your daily life, you'll be much more resilient and able to roll with the waves that the ocean of life continues to bring to your shore:

  1. Eat well. Quality protein with vegetables is grounding and centering. (Sugar, carbs, and alcohol will do the opposite, despite any intense, addictive desire to indulge.)
  2. Sleep. Take the time to calm your spirit before bed so you can fall into a deeper sleep and remain asleep. 
  3. Move your body: walk, run, ride, swim, stretch, shake, roll around or whatever, but take time to get the energy moving.
  4. Go out in nature. Listen. Feel. Be. Sit on the earth (without your phone). 
  5. Lie down and listen: to the wind, rain, birds, silence, or to calming music.
  6. Avoid filling every moment. Practice non-doing, which has practically become a radical concept in our modern era. Defy the madness. 
  7. Find a way to laugh. There are lots of studies backing this one. Read something light, watch comedy, observe animals, be with people who see the funny side of life.
  8. Take time away from technology. Turn everything off. Get in touch with any discomfort this might dredge up. We have become a culture that cannot handle any discomfort. This running away from ourselves is not sustainable. Sit with any discomfort you might have when you unplug. Be aware of the discomfort, don't entertain it, and then allow it to move out of you. Then, unplug more often. I'm personally unplugged for about 12 hours every day, and yet, I live!
  9. Breathe in and breathe out fully. Breathe in again. Release the breath completely and let go. Watch your breath as it comes in. Watch your breath as it goes out. How long? Even 10 minutes a day is super.
  10. In the evening, take a bath with a cup or two of epsom salts in it. Soak for 20 minutes and then drink a big glass of water to rehydrate. This will relax your muscles, release toxins, and help clear your energy field.

And when you are in that phase of life when you're being dragged and you know it, contact me for a phone session. I will help you heal and center.