Astrology: Am I Going Against My Religion?

Even in my open-minded community in Northern California, I have heard a few people say they have been warned about the devilish nature of astrology. If that type of mindset lurks somewhere in this free-spirited, sometimes rebellious, community, we can surmise it's even more persistent in the rest of the country. I have always found it refreshing and liberating to travel to Europe, for example where astrology and all sorts of natural healing practices are more accepted and utilized than here in the United States, where some very old ideas have stubbornly persisted.

I rarely hear such ideas from people who have worked with me because even those who know very little about astrology soon see its value and the role it has in empowering and illuminating their lives. But there still exists, in our society, the perpetuation of outdated ideas from centuries ago which were based in fear. Spreading these fears served to keep the masses under control. If the people didn't figure things out for themselves, they were much easier to influence. Thus, just about anything that allowed people to "know" or have some sort of power on their own, was condemned.

Astrology was used in the early church. Astrological symbolism can still be seen carved into the interiors of some of the old churches and cathedrals. It acquired a negative association as great tension and suspicion grew between the church and the people. Astrology was banned in some places and condemned as a tool of witchcraft. However, it didn’t die out fully because people were unable to dismiss or ignore the knowledge that planets do in fact affect our lives on earth. If earth's relatively tiny moon alters ocean tides and other earthly events, then it's reasonable to infer that much larger bodies than the moon also have an impact.

Tapping into the rhythms and vibrations of planetary bodies in our solar system is a way to connect with our natural world. I've been interested in how the planets affect our lives since I was eight years old — that's more than 40 years — and I haven't come across anything sinister in either my studies or my practice. On the contrary, I've found doorways to higher wisdom, inner peace, and solace. It is a tool that helps you access your personal power and connect with your Higher Power. Astrology is fascinating and rich, having to do with the beauty and harmony (as well as disharmony) of the natural world.

 photo credit: Greg Rakozy

photo credit: Greg Rakozy

Recently someone I know brushed off astrology as nonsense and all people who believe in it as woo woo types who have no concept of real science. This person is a psychic healer, and is quite aware that science is far from explaining many things we experience as fact in our lives (psychic ability is one example). Yet, somehow he had developed an opinion of astrology as "woo woo." But anyone who knows astrology, and has used it, knows there is very little woo woo about it. It takes us right down to the depths of truth. Yes, it can seem unusual and odd. How can Pluto create change in your life? How does Mercury affect communications? Why do you feel depressed because of Saturn? HOW? But it happens. It's not New Age babble at all.

I've been following the effect of the planets almost my whole life, and they certainly do have a say in our lives. There isn't anything sinister about it. It's simply nature. Fascinating, enlightening, extraordinary nature. 

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Christina Grant