Do I Have Spirit Guides?

Many of you are curious about whether you have spirit guides. Others of you know that you do, but sometimes have trouble accessing them. Some of you are skeptical and think it's New Age hooey. But as a natural skeptic myself, who was once uncertain about spirit guides, and now after almost two decades of doing psychic healing, I can attest to the fact that everyone has access to spirit guides. I'd like to tell you the backstory about my first encounter with a healer who saw what has since come to be known as "My Big Golden Angel." 

Back in my early 20s when I was exploring all sorts of spiritual practices and trying out different types of healers, I found someone doing a type of energy healing I've not seen or heard of since. I would take a 45-minute drive through a small mountain range anticipating what might happen each time I went, because it was never the same. On my first visit, I was surprised to discover the healer was middle-aged with beautiful, long bleach-blonde hair, brightly polished artificial fingernails, and very large fake breasts which were generously on display. What else had I expected? I'm not certain. But I had the impression this one would fit well in a Vegas nightclub. It didn't inspire confidence in me and I became more skeptical.

She led me into an almost pitch-dark (of course) very large room with a contraption in the middle hanging from the ceiling that looked like something from another dimension. In the far corner of the room, she directed me to sit in a chair. She then took her seat directly opposite me. She scooted in very close, knee-to-knee (I could smell her double-mint gum), took my hands, and closed her eyes. 

"Ahhh," she said smiling, "you and I have been together in Atlantis before. You already know about this work. You've used this before."

She gestured toward the center of the room, toward the thing hanging from the ceiling. I felt my skepticism grow. 

Suddenly she looked up behind me with big, wide eyes and said, "Whoa! Did you know you have a very large golden spirit guide with you? It's huge!"

I'm not someone who needs scientific proof to believe something, but I do need to get a feel for things, intuitively, before I buy in. I'd never been aware of the big golden spirit guide before. If it was real, why hadn't I known?

The healer moved in closer, squeezed my hands between hers, and proceeded to channel a past lifetime scenario for the next 45 minutes. I wasn't expecting this. I wasn't expecting anything, really. I just had been drawn to make the appointment and there I was. As she channeled, I was able to see what she was seeing as if we were watching the same movie. I knew that was another lifetime of mine. I knew this woman wasn't making it up. It was relevant to this current lifetime and explained some things that had been troubling me. Right now I can place myself right back into that dark room and still remember the details of that past-life regression, the theme of which has been corroborated again in other healings and in my own meditations. 

This experience lent her a little bit of credibility, and helped me to open up to the idea of spirit guardians. Because she had demonstrated a knowing that helped me heal something very ancient, I became willing to entertain her exclamation about a huge golden being of light hovering around me. As I proceeded over the next few years to become more adept with my own abilities as a seer, it wasn't long before this golden being was showing herself to me in meditation.

I recall the first time I came into contact with her. She looked bored and even slightly annoyed! This wasn't how I thought a golden being of light would appear. I asked her why she seemed bored and she immediately said it was because I never consider her, or ask her for anything, and she has been there, waiting, waiting, waiting, but nothing. I was surprised. She has feelings? How would I have known to ask her for help? It's not like I was ever taught to do this. I didn't even know she existed, although she implied I should have known, and would have, if I had been paying attention. So I spoke with her as I would an old friend who had said she was feeling neglected. I asked her to help me with a few things. It wasn't long before she lit up and was enlivened.

golden angel.jpg

Today, almost 30 years after I was first informed of her, she is with me. I have worked with other spirit guides since then, a few that come frequently, but she is always there. I have relied on her to help me through many seemingly impossible situations, and she reveals miraculous solutions. 

Are we divinely guided and do we have spirit guides? Absolutely. 

Many more people than you might imagine want to connect with spirit guardians. Helper beings who have our best interests at heart, who will carry us through when we don't feel we can do it alone, and who will be our own personal advisors.  

Questions I've heard from people are: Was I born with a guardian angel? Is it to help me along my path? Will it protect me? How do I know it's true? Why can't I see my guides? How can I connect? What is its name (or their names)?

These questions show me that people long to connect to the Divine, to be linked to Source in a meaningful way. To realize we aren't just alone, lost on a fading planet, wondering where is home. But in fact, there is a grand design, and we are companioned throughout.

It is my experience that spirit guides don’t intervene unless you ask. According to Doreen Virtue, your Guardian Angel can and will intervene, making sure your path is in alignment with your Higher Self and the blueprint for your life. I have also experienced this. I saw a vision of being held back from something that I was going toward. An angelic being intervened, and to this day, I am in awe at its power and awareness. 

You might feel you have to manage life by yourself, but you can hand a lot over to spirit guidance. Connecting with a guide brings relief, inner peace, and a feeling that life is not being lived alone. You haven't been thrown to the wolves. The guide can work on your behalf, offering answers and reassurance. Sometimes spirit guides come into focus during meditation. When your mind is very quiet, one will then be able to slip in and you may find, like I once did, that perhaps it's been there all along, waiting for you to pay attention.

Sometimes, when I have worked with people who want to call in their guides, it becomes obvious that the person is not at a vibrational rate where they can see or feel them. You can connect by asking, but it's beneficial to be in a meditative state. Become very quiet, calm your thoughts, and ask your highest guides to show themselves to you. If this proves difficult to do on your own, a skillful energy healer or intuitive can help you make the connection! 

Here are a few requests you might bring to your guide (or guides).

Please make the decision clear for me.

Please bring me greater inner peace.

Please make the right path clear.

Please help my body, mind, and spirit be in a state of balance and ease.

Please help me go with the flow of life.

Please guide me to a place of deeper well-being.

Please show me what I need to know to get beyond (fill in the blank).

Please make this process quick and easy for me.

Please give me a sign so I will know you are listening to me.

Please help me walk through life with strength.

If this decision/person/situation is not right for me, please give me a clear sign.

Please give me clarity of mind, strength of spirit, and physical vitality.

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