About Your Energy Field

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Scientists are learning more about the subtle energy bodies that move within and around all living things. These energetic bodies or “energy fields” contain information about disharmony in your body, mind, and spirit.

Your unique energy fields respond to everything around you including your emotions (and the emotions of others), environmental pollution, people (and their energy fields), noise, thoughts, and food. The subtle energy bodies in our midst are quite relevant to our overall wellbeing. A weakness in your energy fields can cause your mind to be vulnerable to confusion, your emotions to be unsteady, and your body to be more vulnerable to stress.

Ideally, energy flows easily through your system. Areas of stagnation can be thought of like a river whose flow is blocked by old twigs, logs, debris, and garbage. Where the river has less water movement, slime and muck accumulate. If the river becomes stagnant, unhealthy organisms grow. If debris continues to pile up, the river’s natural path has to change. Similarly, your flowing energy pathways can become stuck with fears, stuck emotions, trauma, illness, and even entities.

Energy work that addresses energy fields can clear blockages that hold you back, remove stressors, alleviate suffering from old trauma, help you release the past, and move you forward into a more harmonious life. Bringing body, mind, and spirit into harmony creates a sense of balance and stability through life's challenges, lightens the load, brightens the spirit, and helps you see life through a more positive and hopeful lens. 

One of the first things I do during an energy balancing session is to see where energy looks dark, stagnant, dense, or stuck. Then I check to see how easy it is to move, shifting it toward light. If it's difficult to move, this indicates that something underneath wants to be made conscious. Once made conscious, the energy quickly transforms, allowing you lightness of being, freedom, and space for greater peace and conscious awareness. This can be done by phone, at a distance. Time and space do not prevent transformation.  

Energy balancing can be done at a distance and by phone. Send me a message to schedule your appointment.