How I began Doing This Work

I'm often asked how I began doing this type of work so I thought I’d do a post about it. 

The simple answer is that it eventually became impossible to do anything else, or to pretend to be anyone other than who I am. I was gradually led to this when I graduated from San Diego State University to begin a career teaching elementary school, and soon discovered I had no desire whatsoever to teach in a classroom. As a very sensitive and perceptive psychic empath, I could see energy fields and perceive what was going on with people. What I was actually happiest doing was helping students be emotionally healthy. I wasn't concerned a bit about their math papers! Those students turned out to be my teachers. They showed me their hearts and their pain. This put me on the path that led to my current profession.

One day when I was discussing my dilemma with Carmela, my long-time spiritual mentor who passed in 2011, she said, "You certainly can heal those kids in the classroom. But your true talents will be wasted." Her bluntness was a surprise, but the moment she said it, I knew it was true. Do I now turn away from the education I'd spent years obtaining to do something entirely different? Particularly in a world that doesn't give much credence to energy fields, psychic awareness, mental and emotional health, the importance of deep soul healing, and spiritual growth?  In a world that has scorned these and tried to discredit them? Carmela went on to suggest, as if it had already been on her mind, "Why don't you get a PhD?" 

In that moment, my life direction changed. I lit up and began to prepare to enter a PhD program. The doctorate program in Human Science led me to study the whole human being: body, mind, emotions, spirit, and subtle energies. It was right up my alley, and my interest in it confirmed I was on the right path. I then had science backing my awareness that everything is energy, everything is interlinked, that those links and energies will reveal the underlying truth of a situation, and they can also be transformed using the mind.

All of my sessions used to involve energy healing. Over time I have learned to just provide the service most needed for a client in the moment. Not everyone is wanting or needing energy healing. Some have a few things on their mind they want to discuss, and that is enough. I still use my ability as a seer in most sessions. I see energy in the form of images or pictures, often moving pictures, like a movie playing out. This helps me to see what is going on at a deeper level.

All of my sessions are a blend of astrology. I use the natal birth chart as a portal to access information. My first memory of discovering my interest in the esoteric was at the age of 8 when I would locate the “Occult” section in a bookstore, sit in front of it, and begin exploring. I had no idea what “occult” meant, but under that sign was where I found what I was most interested in. In those days, astrology books were placed under “occult” and I began a gradual self-study of astrology and its important role in clarifying our human experience. This goes far beyond the Sunday morning newspaper horoscope prediction, which I find completely irrelevant. I'm referring to the entire birth chart, based on your particular place and time of birth, which reveals a wealth of information to assist you on your journey through life.

Using the natal birth chart to help you through life’s journey, doing a relationship reading or one for the upcoming year, inspires me. To see the chart of a client and gather insight for helping them, to suggest a higher purpose for something that appears to be a catastrophe, to lend a sense of peace about what is happening, this is what I love to do. Being a highly empathic person in the world can be a challenge, but being able to use it to be of service is what brings my life meaning.

Although I began my work in person, then went to half in person and half by phone, my sessions are now completely by phone. You can be anywhere in the world. It's easy to schedule. Just go to my Contact page and send me a message. I will find a date and time that works for you.