Phone Sessions are ideal for our global community

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We are all living apart from one another, widespread, but can connect through the airwaves. I can see your energy field no matter where you are, and I can feel your heart essence. I also do healings at a distance. You don't have to be in person. In fact, distant healing was the subject of my doctoral dissertation twenty years ago. You can be in your comfort zone. The appointment times are flexible. We are able to address what you want in your life.

Here are a few reasons why phone sessions are ideal:

Ease your troubled mind

Discuss pro and cons of an upcoming decision

Heal relationships

Become more self aware

Gain insight into any situation

Heal your heart

Get encouragement and support

Define your next steps in life

Encouragement to be yourself 

Release painful or abusive people

Release an old a relationship, job, or event

Experience more balance, calm, centeredness, and peace 

Understand your options for something concerning you

Free yourself from false perceptions

Cut old ties, cords, and attachments that don't serve your highest good

Transform old (or new) wounds into personal power and strength

Grow emotionally, mentally, spiritually

Learn to trust your own intuition and appreciate yourself


Scheduling is easy. Send a message and we'll set up a time.