For the past 19 years my focus has been on listening deeply, illuminating truth, providing clarity, transforming blocks, alleviating emotional distress, easing concern, diminishing troubles, frustration, or confusion, and assisting through the various situations life presents. One of my strengths is in seeing what is hidden or what wants to make itself known.

From relationship issues, home, work, career, and decision-making, to deeply complicated situations, loss, contacting loved ones who have crossed over, to health and physical challenges, each situation is welcomed. You might simply be interested in a session for the pleasure of connecting with your own soul essence, attuning to your life path, or moving forward personally, professionally, and spiritually.

I am grateful for the opportunity to counsel, promote healing, clarify situations, assist in understanding, and support you through life's many phases. I relate with compassion to anything you share and feel unconditional acceptance for those who work with me. 

Sessions are one hour by phone. For those who would like energy healing, I see, interpret, transform, balance, and release energies at a distance. 

I work from home near a redwood forest and the sea in Aptos, California with a big black dog named Rami and several other furry creatures. For those of you who have met Rami, you might be interested to know he will be 12 in May, 2019. You will recall his over-the-top exuberance, which is still in him, but he no longer puts his paws on your chest to steal a kiss on the lips. He still loves the ladies, but his linebacker style has mellowed, and he is the perfect example of aging with grace: gentle, joyful, and loving.