My sessions ultimately are about healing and awakening, in whatever form or direction that takes for each individual. I've worked with most of the spectrum of human issues over the past 18 years. From relationships and jobs, to life decision-making and deeply complicated situations, to immense suffering and emotional loss, to contacting loved ones (both human and animal) who have crossed over, to physical challenges, to the very human need and desire to grow personally and spiritually. 

It is an honor for me to be in a position to counsel and guide, or to hold the space of stability, when asked. Although I strive to live in the light as much as possible, I have had many experiences of plunging to the depths of darkness. Each time, I was offered a lantern by the wise hand of a healer. And, I have my own set of lanterns to offer you. I can relate quite humanly and compassionately to just about anything a person shares. I feel unconditional love and acceptance for the people who work with me, and am grateful to be someone that people feel supported by in sharing their realness. 

In person sessions are in Aptos, California. For a phone session, you can be anywhere in the world, even for energy healing. Everything in person can be done by phone. I can see you, your energy and patterns, and interpret, move, transform, balance, or release, even at a distance. Please note that I have limited in person appointments currently (it is an ebb and flow...). There is more flexibility with phone appointments.

FYI, in person sessions include my best friend... a big, lovable dog named Rami, who is an enthusiastic greeter and uninhibited sniffer. Lately, Rami greets and then goes off by himself to nap. He is eleven now and semi-retired, which he deserves. He has offered unconditional love to everyone and held space in the room, listening to all of our conversations, for more than a decade. 

Throughout my days, I am guided by my Taurus moon and reclusive soul. I prefer to be close to nature, and am looking for ways to be even more so. I also pursue creative endeavors which seem to be ever-changing. I travel, write, read, meditate, and continue my own quest for deeper inner peace, healing, and harmony. 

Although I take periodic quiet breaks for my personal balance, I'm deeply grateful for you and this work, which offers a much-needed channel for a great deal of psychic healing energy. Most importantly, I can be of service in a way that adds meaning and purpose to our lives.