For the past 18 years I have helped people with just about every imaginable issue or concern. I am deeply interested in our collective journey as human beings. My focus is, and always has been, on how we can transcend blocks, pain, concern, troubles, frustration, or confusion and heal beyond it. 

From relationships, home, work, career, and decision-making, to deeply complicated situations, immense suffering, loss, contacting loved ones (both human and animal) who have crossed over, physical challenges, and the desire to move forward personally, professionally, and spiritually, each situation is welcomed. 

I am grateful to counsel, promote healing, clarify situations, assist in understanding, and help support you through life's many phases. I relate with compassion to anything you share and feel unconditional acceptance for those who work with me. 

Sessions are one hour by phone. For those who would like energy healing, I see, interpret, transform, balance, and release energies at a distance.