I am grateful for the opportunity to counsel, clarify situations, assist in understanding, and support you through life's many phases. I relate with compassion and acceptance to the variety of situations and circumstances you might bring to our time together.

My focus is on listening deeply both to what is said and what is not said. As a psychic empath and natural healer, I perceive things on a level that is not readily seen. With one foot here on the earth and the other “beyond the veil,” part of what I do is provide clarity, illuminate truth, ease concerns, discuss options about your path forward if relevant, transform energetic blocks if necessary, and assist you through the various situations life presents.

From relationship issues, home, work, career, family, and life decisions, to deeply complicated situations, loss, contacting loved ones who have crossed over, or health and physical challenges, each situation is welcomed. You might simply be interested in a session for the purpose of connecting with your soul, attuning to your life path, or moving forward personally, professionally, and spiritually. Whatever it is, I am perpetually interested in our shared human condition and all that it entails. I look forward to our connection.

I work by phone from home near a redwood forest and the sea in Aptos, California.