I believe I've worked with most of the spectrum of human issues over the past 18 years. From relationships and jobs, to life decision-making and deeply complicated situations, to immense suffering and emotional loss, to contacting loved ones (both human and animal) who have crossed over, to physical challenges, to the very human need and desire to grow personally and spiritually.

I have a strong desire to be of service, and it has been an honor to be in a position to counsel and guide, or to hold the space of stability, when asked. When a client says, "Thank you" I always feel within myself, "Thank YOU." You are the gift to me. 

Something that seems to be unique within me is that I can straddle the line quite well between darkness and light. I strive to live in the light as much as possible, but have had many experiences of plunging to the depths of darkness, and I can relate quite humanly and compassionately to just about anything a person shows up with. I perceive all of it as energy that can be easily worked with once it is brought to conscious awareness.

I welcome the opportunity to help bring more light to our lives and banish a bit more darkness, one step at a time. Additionally, I feel unconditional love and acceptance for the people who've come to me, and am grateful to be someone that people feel supported by in sharing their realness.

I work both by phone and in person from my home in Aptos, California, nestled between a redwood forest and the sea. I'm often accompanied by a big, lovable 10-year old dog named Rami, and always in the presence of Spirit. In my off days and hours, guided by my Taurus moon, I write, walk on the beach or through the forest, make good food, pursue a few artistic endeavors, travel, and continue my own quest for deeper inner peace and harmony. If you'd like to know more, please read my blog post How I Began This Work.