I believe I've worked with most of the spectrum of human issues over the past 18 years. From relationships and jobs, to life decision-making and deeply complicated situations, to immense suffering and emotional loss, to contacting loved ones (both human and animal) who have crossed over, to physical challenges, to the very human need and desire to grow personally and spiritually.

It is an honor for me to be in a position to counsel and guide, or to hold the space of stability, when asked. Although I strive to live in the light as much as possible, I have had many experiences of plunging to the depths of darkness, and I can relate quite humanly and compassionately to just about anything a person shares with me. I feel unconditional love and acceptance for the people I counsel, and am grateful to be someone that people feel supported by in sharing their realness. 

My sessions are exclusively by phone. You can be anywhere in the world. I use Skype for international clients, however, I don't use the video component as I find it to be a distraction. I see energy and patterns, interpret them, move, transform, balance, or release them, all by phone and just as effectively as if you were sitting right in front of me. Distance healing was the focus of my doctoral research almost 20 years ago. You and I are energetically connected no matter how far our distance from one another. When I focus on your energy field, it makes no difference at all how near or far apart we are.

I am typically accompanied in life by a big, lovable dog named Rami, and the presence of Spirit. Guided by my Taurus moon, I write, walk in nature, pursue a few creative endeavors, and continue my own quest for deeper inner peace, healing, and harmony.