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I believe I've worked with most of the spectrum of human issues over the past 18 years. From relationships and jobs, to life decision-making and deeply complicated situations, to immense suffering and emotional loss, to contacting loved ones (both human and animal) who have crossed over, to physical challenges, to the very human need and desire to grow personally and spiritually.

It is an honor for me to be in a position to counsel and guide, or to hold the space of stability, when asked. Although I strive to live in the light as much as possible, I have had many experiences of plunging to the depths of darkness, and I can relate quite humanly and compassionately to just about anything a person shares. I feel unconditional love and acceptance for the people who work with me, and am grateful to be someone that people feel supported by in sharing their realness. 

My sessions are in person and by phone. For a phone appointment, you can be anywhere in the world. I use Skype for international clients, however, I don't use the video component as I find it to be a distraction. I see energy and patterns, interpret them, move, transform, balance, or release them, either in person or by phone. Distance healing was the focus of my doctoral research 20 years ago. You and I are energetically connected no matter how far our distance from one another. When I focus on your energy field, it makes no difference how near or far apart we are.

I am typically accompanied by a big, lovable dog named Rami and the presence of Spirit. Most in person sessions include Rami as well, so if you're comfortable with an exuberant, sloppy greeting from a somewhat undisciplined dog (which is followed by him napping and sometimes snoring) you'll do fine. 

Although I take periodic quiet breaks for my own personal balance, I'm deeply grateful for you and this work, which offers a much-needed channel for a great deal of psychic healing energy. Most importantly, I can be of service in a way that adds meaning and purpose to my life. 

Throughout my days, I am guided by a Taurus moon and reclusive soul. I like to be close to nature, pursue creative endeavors which seem to be ever-evolving, travel, write, read, meditate, and continue my own quest for deeper inner peace, healing, and harmony. 


Please note that I am taking a deep, nourishing dive inward at this time. I am on a rejuvenating, healing retreat until the end of March, 2018.




 private sessions


intuitive counseling

As a psychic empath, I sense and feel what is going on, whether emotionally, personally, or otherwise. It is natural for me to feel what you're feeling, and to sense the underlying causes of our human predicaments. My intuition is indispensable in my work, and something I've relied on quite heavily. It will bring you greater clarity, balance, insight, and inner peace. 

My ability to perceive things beyond ordinary perception comes naturally and I use it liberally in our sessions. The way I use clairvoyance (and clairaudience) is not like a typical psychic because my intention is guidance, healing, and support. It's not my interest to predict the future or to confirm whether you'll meet your soul mate. I see energy and we discuss your choices based on what I see. Almost always what appears is what is ready to be made conscious. You then have the opportunity and the gift of responsibility for making your own choices going forward. I am very conscious of the tendency for people to give their power away to authority, and I try not to engage in this. In this way, you remain in the driver's seat of your own life, empowered by information and choice, and the two of us don't get our karma intertwined. 

Should I stay? Should I go? How does this choice compare with that choice? How can I best move into the next phase of my life? How can I best handle this situation? Can you help me work with, live with, or love this person better? How can I better manage this situation? Do you know why I can't get along with my daughter/mother/boss? Why am I so tired/sad/depressed? These are some of the types of questions you might have, and I can help you grow and gain awareness through them.

If you want to make wise choices, gain clarity and understanding about yourself and life, move beyond being stuck, find peace with people or companion animals who have left your life or crossed over, if you want to grow personally or spiritually, I can help you do that.

soulful guidance

I see you as a unique soul, first and foremost, which has brought forth its own wisdom and light. And because I view life from this perspective of the soul, the basic question in my mind is, "What might your soul be asking for in this moment?"

Working with any views or beliefs you might have, and within your own level of comfort, I support you to become more clear and confident in any area, whether it be a physical or emotional imbalance, work-related concern, spiritual crisis, relationship issue, decision-making, spiritual growth, or simply deepening your self-awareness and expanding consciousness. I’ve helped countless people become physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually harmonious while illuminating the path of their own truth.



spiritual healing & energy balancing

One of the most satisfying parts of my work is to help you connect in a deeper and more meaningful way to your soul essence. It is nearly impossible for me to connect with someone and not sense the places that are out of balance, ignored, hidden, or locked in any sort of pretense. During your session, I will scan your energy field for blocks and dissonance, releasing energies and entities that aren't serving you. I will also harmonize your chakras, and help you come into a state of balance. We will draw forth your divine soul essence, and you'll leave feeling more like yourself than you have in quite a while. With a view of life as a quest for holistic integration of our body, mind, and emotions intertwined seamlessly with spirit, one goal of our time together is to help you evolve and expand into greater love and trust, while feeling more whole and comfortable being your true self.

In helping you heal and step forward in life, I support you in any spiritual or religious path you happen to be on, even if it is none at all. I do not promote or subscribe to a particular religious or spiritual belief system that I think you should also believe in. My approach is to help you on the path that is right for you, the one you have chosen, and I support it whether or not it is also mine. 


I use your astrological birth chart during your appointment. Our session is not considered an astrology reading, but I do use the chart throughout. It's patterns and structure provide a gateway for me to gain clarity and insight on a deeper level, which I then share with you. Seeing your astrology chart allows me to know more about your basic personality, emotional tendencies, spiritual inclination, relationships, timing of circumstances, and other relevant information which is used to help you step forward on your life path in a positive, life-affirming, soul-supportive way.

You are encouraged to request a specific astrological reading, any of which will bring you greater wisdom and insight: Solar Return, Synastry, Current Transits, or a deeper interpretation of your natal chart. Having your Solar Return done yearly at your birthday provides a meaningful look into your year ahead. Synastry blends two charts, revealing much about a relationship, its challenges and gifts. I also help parents with a new baby or their growing children by offering insights about the child's temperament and the gifts you have come to give one another. Current transits are the here and now of life: what is the current trend of your life and how to work with it. How long will a particular circumstance last? This can bring tremendous relief when we understand the deeper meaning behind some of life's troubling questions.




I'm not a medical doctor and do not treat medical conditions, nor is my work covered under any insurance policy.

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private session by phone

Lasting one hour, phone appointments are an effective, comfortable way for you to have a session from anywhere. I will call you at the time of our appointment. Please be in a quiet, tranquil place where you’ll be uninterrupted for the hour.




in person session or astrology reading 

A combination, depending on what is needed, of astrological insight, intuitive counseling, chakra balancing, and cutting cords and clearing energies that don't belong to you or are no longer serving you. This helps you to gain greater awareness and clarity of your current issues and grounded stability for your life. You typically will feel lighter, freer, steadier, less stressed, and more hopeful in a state of centered peace and balance. 

By request, I will do an in-depth reading of your Natal Chart, Current Transits, Synastry, or Solar Return that lasts one hour by phone. I spend at least an hour preparing for your appointment in advance. Please specify which type of reading you would like and send your birth information: date of birth, exact time of birth, and location. 


Payment and Cancellation Policy

Phone session payments are due at least 24 hours in advance through Paypal or payment can be made by credit card prior to your appointment.

In person sessions must be paid at your appointment by cash, check, credit card, or prior through Paypal using the link above.

Missed appointments or those cancelled or changed within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment will be charged the full session rate.

A minimum advance notice of 24 hours is required to change or cancel a scheduled appointment.

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are available for any dollar amount. You are welcome to give a session, or contribute a dollar amount to assist someone in having a session. 





If you have any inkling of doing any of Christina’s classes or scheduling with her, I encourage you to do that. She is graceful, gentle, grounded, oozes safety, and understands on more levels than you can count.
— Ann Kirby, President, EnnCourage, Inc. Baltimore, MD
Dr. Grant’s work is gentle, yet extremely powerful, and is invaluable for anyone who chooses to take the step towards deeper self-awareness and evolution of consciousness. She offers a compassionate hand and steady guidance to those who are ready and willing to take the journey inward.
— Robyn J. Aptos, CA
I worked with Christina after some major life changes. Her approach to healing was exactly what I needed. She has an innate gift to blend a therapeutic ear with a spiritual soul. It is an amazing combination that brought me wonderful personal rewards.”
— Jason, Petaluma, CA
Christina is truly a delightful lady who has opened my eyes and soul.
— Marian L. Los Angeles, CA
This calm, gentle person takes what I say in stride, but underneath the surface is some powerful stuff going on. I couldn’t believe how quickly we got to the root of some things that had been haunting me for years.
— Mary T. Santa Cruz, CA
Christina Grant is the real deal. She is unruffled by the dark side of life. Her strong yet gentle spirit simply guides you toward your soul’s perfect path. Her grace, knowledge, and wisdom will help you reclaim your own personal power.
— Gina Renee, L.Ac., Author of Wellness for Women - A Guide to Natural Health, Beauty and Well Being
Dr. Christina Grant is a remarkable energy healer and all-round amazing woman! I am forever grateful for her love, caring, and expertise. If you haven’t had a chance to experience her work, give yourself a gift and do so.
— Rosemary L. Monterey, CA
Dr. Grant is an exceptional, unique being whose gifts and abilities are healing and transformative on all levels. Her deep inner wisdom combined with her kind, open heart offers a fresh perspective in all situations. She continually guides me to my inner truth in a gentle and empowering way. Dr. Grant is amazing and neither labels nor words do her or her sessions justice. You have to experience it for yourself.
— Melissa C. Upland, CA
Christina Grant’s nontraditional approach to counseling goes beyond systematic theories to the core of the issue. Her unique gift of discovering blocked energy within one’s body is amazing to experience on both a physical and spiritual level. Dedicated to healing, her presence is one of comfort and knowledge.
— Kate Balderas, Counselor and Author, Pacfic Grove, CA
My sessions with Christina are awesome! I always feel like I’m walking on air afterward. I also appreciate all the information and resources she provides me.
— Mary G, San Diego, CA
Dr. Grant offers powerful insight to the heart of the issues. I learned how seemingly separate threads of my life were connected. She helped to turn those threads into a tapestry of deeper understanding for me. I see my life from a whole new perspective of appreciation and meaning.
— Lisa Hogan, Lutherville, MD
It was a pleasure to meet someone so knowledgeable, effective, and well-spoken in the area of energy healing.
— DP, Pacific Grove, CA
Christina’s work is more of what is needed in this day and age.
— Chris, New York, NY





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Usually, your message will be returned promptly, however, please note I am taking a deep dive inward and am on a rejuvenating, healing retreat until the end of March. Your message will be waiting for me when I emerge, and I will be in touch then. Thank you!